1968 Shelby GT500

Part Numbers


Item Brand Part #
A9L equivalent computer (manual trans) Ford F3ZF-12A650-DB
Standard EM073
Cardone 78-4352
A9P equivalent computer (auto trans) Ford F3ZF-12A650-FB
Standard EM680
Cardone 78-5895
Mass Air Flow Sensor (88-93 Mustang 55mm) Cardone 74-9502
Standard MF0872
Ford E9ZF-12B579-AA
Mass Air Flow Sensor (1993 Cobra 70mm) Ford F1SF-12B579-AA
Mass Air Flow Sensor (94-95 Mustang 70mm) Ford F2VF-12B579-AA
Mass Air Flow Sensor (96-98 Mustang 4.6L) Ford F8LF-12B579-AA
Mass Air Flow Sensor (90mm Lightning) Ford 1L3F-12B579-AB
Air Charge Temperature Sensor (ACT) Ford F2DZ-12A697-A
Standard AX3
Ford Motorcraft DY674
Barometric Pressure sensor (BP) Standard AS13
Ford Motorcraft DY530
Engine Coolant Temperature sensor (ECT) Ford F2AF-12A648-AA
Ford Motorcraft DY681
Standard TX6
Heated Oxygen Sensor (HEGO) 8″ pigtail Ford E9SF-9F472-AA
Standard SG23
Ford Motorcraft DY605
Bosch 13942
Heated Oxygen Sensor (HEGO) 16.5″ pigtail Ford E7TF-9F472-CA
Standard SG40
Bosch 13953
Idle Air Bypass (IAB) Ford F0AE-9F715-BA
Standard AC21
Ford Motorcraft CX1824
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Ford E8ZF-9B989-AA
Standard TH72
EGR Valve Position Sensor Standard VP1
EGR Vacuum Regulator Ford E53E-9J459-A1A
Standard VS52
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Standard SC37
Fuel Inertia Cutoff Switch Ford XF3Z-9341-AA
Fuel Injector 19lb/hr (single) Ford F1ZZ-9F593-C
Standard FJ8
Fuel Injector 19lb/hr (set of 8 ) Ford Racing M-9593-C302
Fuel Injector 24lb/hr (single) Ford F55Y-9F593-A
Standard FJ228
Fuel Injector 24lb/hr (set of 8 ) Ford Racing M-9593-A302
Fuel Injector 30lb/hr (single) Ford F1SZ-9F593-B
Standard FJ61
Fuel Injector 30lb/hr (set of 8 ) Ford Racing M-9593-B302
Fuel Injector 36lb/hr (single) Ford E7SZ-9F593-A
Standard FJ20
Fuel Injector 42lb/hr (single) Ford XL3Z-9F593-AA
Fuel Injector 42lb/hr (set of 8 ) Ford Racing M-9593-F302
Fuel Injector O-Ring Kit Standard SK9
Fuel Pressure Regulator Ford F4CZ-9C968-A
Standard PR15
Ford Motorcraft CM4764
Distrubutor 5.0L Roller Cam / Side Mount TFI Ford Racing M-12127-C302
Cardone 302892
Distrubutor 5.0L Standard Cam / Side Mount TFI Cardone 302880
Distrubutor 5.8L Standard Cam / Side Mount TFI Cardone 302884
Distrubutor 7.5L Standard Cam / Remote Mount TFI Cardone 302886
Roller Cam Steel Gear Ford Racing M-12390-F
Standard Cam Iron Gear Ford Racing M-12390-D
Distributor Cap, Rotor, and Base Kit Ford Racing M-12106-B302
Distributor Cap Standard FD168X
Distributor Rotor Standard FD307X
Distributor Cap Base Standard FD166
Distributor Module (TFI) Ford Motorcraft DY-425
Distributor Stator (PIP) Ford Motorcraft DU-30-C
Low Pressure Fuel Pump 72 GPH @ 6 PSI Carter P4070
High Pressure Fuel Pump 50 GPH @ 100 PSI
(metric = 190 LPH)
Carter P74028



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