1968 Shelby GT500

Begining an EFI Swap

Above is a picture of what is needed out of the donor vehicle, you can also get these items used off the internet, from swap meets, or give us an e-mail for help, just look for a good deal. This is a list of what you will need to do the conversion, try to get as much of it from the donor vehicle as possible even if you’re going to replace it. If you are upgrading don’t re-buy brackets you already have unless you are adding high performance aftermarket chrome stuff.

  • Upper and lower intake manifolds
  • Gaskets
  • Throttle body
  • Fuel rails
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Main wiring harness
  • Distributor for new TFI
  • Ignition E-Coil
  • EEC-IV Computer (list of program codes) (list of locations)
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Gas tank with return fuel line
  • High pressure fuel pump
  • High pressure fuel line and filter
  • O2 sensors mounted in the exhaust
  • Preparation

    Get everything cleaned up or replaced. Use scrubbers, sandblasters, parts washers, hot tanks, and don’t be afraid to trash stuff that seems beyond repair. You want this EFI set-up to last 20+ years with only small maintenance issues. New sensors will prevent tracking dowm small gremlins when you try to start the engine. Park the vehicle somewhere safe, dry, and warm, strip the engine down to the cylinder heads. We’re talking from the intake to the air cleaner, remove the fuel pump and under hood fuel lines. Find a cool dry place inside the vehicle to mount the computer. The computer is only rated to 185°F, so it won’t live long under the hood.


    If you have exhaust manifolds or headers ready for oxygen sensors you are even closer to the finish line. If not, you need to weld an exhaust bung into both sides of the exhaust approximately 9-12 inches from the last cylinder, or 3” behind the collector. There are oxygen sensors available for any exhaust system, instead of cutting the harness, use a longer sensor. It is a must to use new oxygen sensors in a new EFI install; they are maintenance items that wear out. Using old oxygen sensors could really ruin the computers learning curve. Clean any debris from the oxygen sensor bungs and threads then use a small amount of anti-seize when installing them.

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