1968 Shelby GT500

Download Files

Tom Clouds: eectch98 (1.14MB)

Tom Clouds: eectch97 (98KB)

EEC-IV Inner Workings By T Moss (286KB)

Superchips Custom Tuning EEC-V notes (68KB)

EFI tuning Basics By AEM (2.8MB)

EEC-Tuner User Guide (385KB)

EEC-Tuner Frequently Asked Questions (79KB)

How MAF Works By Mike Wesley (68KB)

How Adaptive Control Works By Mike Wesley (34KB)

A9L vs. T4M0 Showdown By Mike Wesley (34KB)

Individual Cylinder Fuel Control with a Switching HEGO By Jeff Kainz and James Smith (318KB)

Tuning Injector Timing By David Crow (217KB)

Fuel Injectors By Marcel Chichak (47KB)

ACCEL Fuel Injectors (432KB)

Manual Lever Position Sensor By Pete Luban (212KB)

A9L Electric Fan How-to By Rick Merino (76KB)

A9L Electric Fan TwEECer Settings By Ryan McCormick (17KB)

IDM Fault Codes After TFI Replacment (138KB)

Explorer Throttle Body Fix By Lars Pedersen(304KB)

Self-Test Tech Tips (60KB)

AGR Power Steering Instruction Booklet (1.08MB)

Power Steering Pulley Alignment (32KB)

Bronco Roof Crack Repair (224KB)

Reroute truck V8 PVC (17KB)

EEC-IV PowerPoint Presentation (3.11MB)

Throttle Body Flow Area By Ryan McCormick (16KB)

Alternator Files Page

1988-93 MA Mustang EFI Harness

1994-95 MA Mustang EFI Harness

1991-93 MA T-Bird EFI Harness

1986-88 SD Mustang EFI Harness

1986-91 SD T-Bird EFI Harness

1986-92 SD Mark VII EFI Harness

1991-93 MA Crown Vic EFI Harness

1986-91 SD Crown Vic EFI Harness

1985-95 SD V8 Truck EFI Harness

1985-95 SD 4.9L Truck EFI Harness

1994-95 MA V8 Truck EFI Harness

EFI Harness Power Circuits

TFI Harness Circuits

Distributor Mounted Black TFI Harness Circuits

Remote Mounted Gray TFI Harness Circuits

Remote Mounted Black TFI Harness Circuits

Remote TFI Distributor Connectors

Compare TFI’s

4R70W and E4OD Transmission

B&W 1356 Transfercase 1

B&W 1356 Transfercase 2

B&W 1356 Transfercase 3

Bronco Tailgate Harness Overview

Bronco Tailgate Harness Closeup

Bronco Tailgate Window Motor Wiring

Bronco Tailgate Window Heater Wiring 1987-96

Bronco Tailgate Window Heater Wiring 1978-86

Electric Fan

Electric Fan with temp sensor

Electric Fan with temp sensor, A/C, and light

A9L controled Electric Fan

Engine and Trans Recommended Temperature

Exhaust Tubing Selection Guide

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