1968 Shelby GT500



ABS- Anti-Lock Brakes
A/C – Air Conditioning
ACCS – A/C Cycling Switch
ACC – A/C Clutch Compressor
ACD – Air Conditioning Demand
A/C on – Air Conditioning ON circuit
ACP – Air Conditioning Pressure
ACT – Air Charge Temperature sensor
ACV- Thermactor Air Control Valve
A/C WOT – Air Conditioning WOT off relay
ADC – Analog to Digital Converter
ADJ – Adjust
A/D – Analog to Digital
A/F – Air to Fuel Ratio
AFR – Air to Fuel Ratio
AIR – Secondary Air Injection / Thermactor
AIRB – Secondary Air injection Bypass
AIRD – Secondary Air injection Diverter
ALDL – Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
ALT – Alternator
AM1 – Thermactor Air Bypass solenoid valve (TAB)
AM2 – Thermactor Air Diverter solenoid valve (TAD)
AOD – Automatic Overdrive transmission
AODE – Automatic Overdrive Electronic transmission
AODE-W – Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide-ratio transmission
ARC – Automatic Ride Control
A/T – Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
ATDC – After Top Dead Center
AXOD – Automatic Transaxle Overdrive
AVOM – Analog Volt-Ohm Meter
B+ – Battery Positive Voltage
BATT+ – Battery Positive Voltage
BARO – Barometric Pressure
BDC – Bottom Dead Center
BLR – Blower
BOO – Brake On/Off switch
BP – Barometric Pressure sensor
BPA – Bypass Air
BTDC – Before Top Dead Center
CAC – Charge Air Cooler (intercooler)
CANP – Canister Purge solenoid
CBD – Closed Bowl Distributor
CCC – Converter Clutch Control
CCD – Computer Controlled Dwell
CCO – Converter Clutch Override
CCRM – Constant Control Relay Module
CCS – Coast Clutch Solenoid
CEL – Check Engine Light
CFI – Central Fuel Injection
CID – Cylinder Identification sensor
CKP – Crankshaft Position
CKT – Circuit
CM – Continues Memory
CMP – Camshaft Position
CO – Carbon Monoxide
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
CPP – Clutch Pedal Position
CPS – Crankshaft Position Sensor
CSE GND – Case Ground
CTS – Coolant Temp Sensor
DAC – Digital to Analog Converter
DI – Distributor Ignition
DIS – Distributorless Ignition System
DLC – Data Link Connector
DOHC – Dual Overhead Cam
DOL – Data Output Line
DPFE – Delta Pressure Feedback EGR
DPDIS – Dual Plug Distributorless Ignition System
DPI – Dual Plug Inhibitor
DRW – Dual Rear Wheel Axle
DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTM – Diagnostic Test Mode
DVOM – Digital Volt/Ohm Meter
E4OD – Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
EAIR – Electronic Secondary Air Injection
EAP – Electronic Air Pump
ECA – Electronic Control Assembly
EEC – Electronic Engine Control
EEC-IV – Ford’s fourth generation EEC system
E-fan – Electric Cooling Fan
ECM – Electronic Control Module
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature sensor
ECU – Electronic Control Unit
EDF – Electric Drive Fan relay assembly
EDIS – Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
EED – Electronic Engine Control
EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
EGO – Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor
EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation system
EGRC – EGR Vacuum Control solenoid
EGRV – EGR Vent solenoid or system
EGT – Exhaust Gas Temperature
EI – Electronic Ignition
EPC – Electronic Pressure Control
EPT – EGR Pressure Transducer
ER – Engine Running
EVP – EGR Valve Position sensor
EVR – EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVTM – Electrical & Vacuum Trouble Shooting Manual
FC – Fan Control
FF – Flexible Fuel
FFS – Flexible Fuel Sensor
FFV – Flexible Fuel Vehicle
FI – Fuel Injector or Fuel Injection
FMEM – Failure Mode Effects Management
FMU – Fuel Management Unit
FP – Fuel Pump
FPDM – Fuel Pump Driver Module
FPM – Fuel Pump Monitor
FPR – Fuel Pressure Regulator
FRPS – Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
FTO – Filtered Tach Output
FTP – Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
Fuel pump primary circuit – relay control side (85-86)
Fuel pump secondary circuit – relay power side (30-87)
GCM – Governor Control Module
GEN – Generator / Alternator
GND – Ground
GRND – Ground
GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
HC – Hydrocarbon
HEDF – High Speed Electro Drive Fan
HEGO – Heated EGO sensor
HEGO G – HEGO Ground circuit
HFC – High Fan Control
HFP – High Fuel Pump
HLOS – Hardware Limited Operating Strategy
HSIA – High Speed Inlet Air
HO – High Output
HO2S – Heated Oxygen sensor
HO2S 11 – Right Front O2 sensor
HO2S 21 – Left Front O2 sensor
HO2S 12 – Right Rear O2 sensor
HO2S 22 – Left Rear O2 sensor
HSC – High Swirl Combustion
IAB – Idle Air Bypass
IAC – Intake Air Control
IAC – Idle Air Control
IAS – Idle Air Solenoid
IAT – Intake Air Temp
ICM – Ignition Control Module
IDM – Ignition Diagnostic Monitor
IFS – Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch
IGN – Ignition system or circuit
IGN GND – Ignition Ground
IMRC – Intake Manifold Runner Control
INJ – Injector or Injection
IS – Inertia Switch (fuel cutoff)
ISC – Idle Speed Control
ITS – Idle Tracking Switch
KAM – Keep Alive Memory
KAPWR – Keep Alive Power
KOEO – Key On Engine Off
KOER – Key On Engine Running
KS – Knock Sensor
L – Liter(s)
LFC – Low Fan Control
LFP – Low Fuel Pump
LOS – Limited Operation Strategy
LUS – Lock-Up Solenoid
MAF – Mass Air Flow sensor, meter or circuit
MAF RTN – Mass Air Flow Return
MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure
MA PFI – Mass Air Sequential Port Fuel Injection system
MAPPA – Manifold Absolute Pressure Per Altitude
MAT – Manifold Air Temp sensor
MCU – Microprocessor Control Unit
MECS – Mazda Engine Control System
MFI – Multiport Fuel Injection
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light
MLP – Manual Lever Position
MLPS – Manual Lever Position Sensor
MLUS – Modulated Lock-Up Solenoid
MPFI – Multi Port Fuel Injection
NC – Normally Closed
NDS – Neutral Drive Switch
NGS – Neutral Gear Switch
NPS – Neutral Pressure Switch
NO – Normally Open
N2O – Nitrous Oxide
NOx – Nitrogen Oxides
NOS – Nitrous Oxide
O2S – Oxygen Sensor
OBD – On Board Diagnostics
OCC – Output Circuit Check
OCT – Octane
OCT ADJ – Octane Adjust
OHC – Over Head Camshaft (engine type)
OSC – Output State Check
PA – Pulsed Air Injection
PAIR – Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PATS – Passive anti-theft system
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PCV – Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PFE – Pressure Feedback EGR sensor or circuit
PFI – Port Fuel Injection
PIP – Profile Ignition Pickup
PLCC – Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PNP – Park / Neutral Position
PSP – Power Steering Pressure
PSPS – Power Steering Pressure Switch
PSOM – Programmable Speedometer/Odometer Module
PW – Pulse Width
PWM – Pulse Width Modulated
PWR – Power
PWR GND – Power Ground circuit
RABS – Rear Antilock Brake System
RM – Relay Module
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
RTN – Return
RWD – Rear Wheel Drive
SAW – Spark Angle Word
SBC – Small Block Chevy
SC – Super Charged (engine type)
SD – Speed-Density
SEFI – Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SFI – Sequential Fuel Injection
SIG – Signal
SIG RTN – Signal Return circuit
SIL – Shift Indicator Light
SHO – Super High Output
SPFI – Sequential Port Fuel Injection
SPOUT – Spark Output Signal from EEC
SRW – Single Rear Wheel Axle
SS – Shift Solenoid circuit
STAR – Self Test Automatic Readout (test equipment)
ST – Scan Tool
ST – Self Test
STI – Self Test Input circuit
STO – Self Test Output circuit
TACH – Tachometer
TAB – Thermactor Air Bypass solenoid valve (AM1)
TAD – Thermactor Air Diverter solenoid valve (AM2)
TB – Throttle Body
TBI – Throttle Body Injection
TC – Turbocharger
TCC – Torque Converter Clutch
TCIL – Transmission Control Indicator Lamp
TCM – Transmission Control Module
TCS – Transmission Control Switch
TDC – Top Dead Center
TFI – Thick Film Ignition system
TFT – Transmission Fluid Temperature
TGS – Top Gear Switch
THS – Transmission Hydraulic Switch
TOT – Transmission Oil Temperature
TP – Throttle Position Sensor
TPI – Tuned Port Intake
TPOUT – Throttle Position Output
TPS – Throttle Position Sensor
TRD – Transmission Range Drive
TROD – Transmission Range Overdrive
TRL – Transmission Range Low
TRR – Transmission Range Reverse
TSS – Transmission Speed Sensor
TTB – Twin Traction Beam
TTS – Transmission Temperature Switch
VAF – Vane Air Flow sensor or circuit
VAF – Volume Air Flow
VAT – Vane Air Temperature
VBATT – Vehicle Battery Voltage
VCRM – Variable Control Relay Module
VECI – Vehicle Emission Control Information Label
VM – Vane Meter
VOM – Analog Volt/Ohm Meter
VCRM – Variable Control Relay Module
VPWR -Vehicle Power supply voltage (regulated 10-14 volts)
VR – Variable Reluctance
VREF – Voltage Reference (EEC supplied voltage = 5 volts)
VRS – Variable Reluctance Sensor
VSC – Vehicle Speed Control sensor or signal
VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor or signal
WAC – WOT A/C Cut-off switch or circuit
WOT – Wide Open Throttle

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